About Us

~ Apotheca Earth specializes in providing the highest quality, highly effective, health and beauty products available. Our roots stem from holistic health practices and combine with modern scientific advancements to bring you safe, lab-tested products of the best quality, purity, and potency. More than just a health and beauty company, Apotheca Earth is an indestructible movement of shared consciousness that blurs the boundaries of science and nature. One of Earth's oldest and most versatile resources, industrial hemp, provides us with the means to heal our bodies and minds without harming the Earth. Join Us, as we get back to nature to improve our health: body and mind. ~


Join us as we utilize scientific advancements, in combination with holistic health practices, to embark on a journey of unparalleled proportions. We seek a happier, healthier society through environmentally sustainable practices. The health and wellbeing of the Earth and each one of her inhabitants is at stake. Our products are designed to provide a better quality of life through better quality products. We believe that better physical and mental health is not beyond our reach. 

It is our goal to provide you with the safest, cleanest, best quality products on the market and we take our job seriously. Our products are independently tested and verified by 3rd party laboratories, and we have certificates of analysis for each batch. We are actively seeking the GRAS (Government Designation: Generally Regarded As Safe) distinction which is unparalleled among providers of CBD and Hemp-based products. We are committed to excellence in every way and our products attest to it.