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Learn More About CBD & Hemp

What is the difference between hemp and Marijuana?

Agricultural hemp has tall bamboo like thick stocks, very thin leaves, and little to no flowers. Defined as a cannabis plant containing less than .3% THC, hemp is grown mainly to make textiles, food and oils, and does not get you high. Growing agricultural hemp has less restrictions than marijuana which allows to be grown in larger scales and outdoors.

Marijuana plants tend to be shorter plants and are grown for their flowers. The THC content is higher in these plants and is mainly used for recreation, however some states have legislation in place to allow marijuana for medical use with a recommendation from a doctor. Because of the restrictions regarding medical marijuana, growing these plants can be extremely difficult and leave an enormous carbon footprint depending on growing practices. 

Is it legal to sell hemp derived products?

Products that are manufactured from agricultural hemp which contains less than .3% THC in dry weight are exempt from the Federal Controlled Substances Act therefore are currently not unlawful for distribution. We are happy to provide a signed legal opinion to those who are interested in learning more.

What are benefits from using hemp?

Hemp contains excellent nutritional value providing components called essential fatty acids that the human body does not produce naturally and must be consumed by the diet. Further, emerging scientific research supports the consumption of CBD from hemp oil for general well-being and keeps you healthy but doesn’t get you high. Not only is hemp renewable and fast-growing, nearly every part of the plant is usable for food, fiber, building materials, and fuel, with an estimated 25,000 uses. Hemp sequesters CO2 and doesn’t need herbicides to thrive. It also leaves the soil in better condition that before it was planted. 

Why would I choose hemp over medical cannabis?

The low amounts of THC in agricultural hemp make it a more favorable choice for those who would like to experience the benefits without the psycho-toxicity or euphoria associated with medical cannabis. Also, our PLUS CBDOIL product line is created in facilities that assure quality, safety, and efficacy – offering consistent products that you can count on. 

Why is your hemp/ CBD imported from the EU when you use local products are businesses elsewhere?

Regulations regarding hemp growing in the US have made it challenging to have a homegrown source at the scale in which we need to produce our products. Through out efforts with academic institutions and trade organizations, we continue to support all efforts to bring farming of agricultural hemp to the US.

Diff between hemp seed and hemp oil?

Hemp seed oil is manufactured from hemp seeds and contains zero or low concentrations of cannabinoids. It is used for a variety of things such as beauty products, lubricants, paint, and food.

Hemp oil is an extraction from the agricultural hemp aerial plant parts. This oil may contain higher concentrations of phytocannabinoids such as CBD.