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100% Safe- Our products are prepared in a state of the art facility, using only the finest ingredients, and follow strict FDA guidelines for consumables.  

100% Legal- According to the DEA, CBD that is derived from hemp and contains less than .3% THC is legal to purchase and possess federally and in all 50 states. 

Lab-tested and verified- We utilize an independent laboratory to test every single batch for standard and advanced properties to ensure all our products have exactly what we say they do, and nothing that we don't. We ensure our products are free of toxins, we verify the levels of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids as necessary depending on the product.

Environmentally friendly- hemp is a truly versatile plant with numerous uses. Nearly every single part of the plant is able to be used for a multitude of items and hemp is key to sustainable agriculture. Instead of depleting the soil of nutrients as it is grown, hemp leaves the soil better than it was before it was planted.  


We use CO2 Extraction for the highest quality, purest CBD available.

Each batch is 100% natural, non-GMO, and gluten-free and we bottle all our products locally in a FDA certified facility.